Moving Into the Madjax Maker Space


We’re rolling in! The Muncie Delaware Robotics Team is currently moving into the Madjax Makers Force space in downtown Muncie. We have our own area on the second floor of the Madjax facility, and all of our machine shop equipment has already been moved into the facility, with the computer room equipment on its way. Our mechanical team has been busy wiring the space and integrating all of  our machines. In the picture above, you can see a few of our mentors testing the equipment. Those team members working in our more tech-heavy areas, such as animation, programming, media, and CAD are looking forward to moving into the facility soon. It will really feel like home once we have the last machine moved in and connected.


One of our newest arrivals to our nice new space is this piece of computer room equipment. This wonderful plotter printer was generously donated to our team by Eastern Engineering Supply. The plotter prints two to three foot wide documents, so with the plotter we will now be able to print blueprints and other important documents to help the mechanical team make fewer mistakes because they can see the blueprints better than with the smaller printed documents. This is essential to planning and designing the robot so we can work out any problems we might have before we start to build, saving us precious time and resources during our intense build season. So, thank you, Eastern Engineering Supply!

We are excited to move into our new space so that as we can expand our team, we can do so comfortably in three times the size of our old space. We now have rooms to fit all of our team members and have enough equipment to keep them learning new things and being productive. We are looking forward to starting up our own LEGO League team next season in our new community room that will also be very useful for our popular EV3 workshops.  We will also have our own full size playing field for our robot so we can practice driving it before competition, which will help us get a feel for how the robot drives over long distances and all of the obstacles.

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