About PhyXTGears
2017 Sponsors

We all make choices in the organizations that we choose to support. That support may be financial, may be time, or it may be some other type valuable support that helps to further the goals of the organization. The FIRST Robotics program as expressed in the activities of Team 1720, The PhyXTGears, is deserving of support, and we do. Littler Diecast Corporation has been a supporting organization for several years. It has been very rewarding for us to participate in the growth of the team; to watch the students develop skills and the confidence that accompanies it. These student team members are engaging in activities that are preparing them to be contributing members of our community. That is worth every minute of time given and every dollar spent in support of Team 1720. Go Gears!!


Team 1720 has impacted me in a way I never could have expected it would, that first day my Mom drove me down the road to where the team holds its meetings. I didn't know anybody or anything about the program. After that first meeting, I knew I had to go back. I've always been interested in building things and inventing new things but before FIRST robotics, I never had any experience in how to actually use the tools and the technology. Because of FIRST and my team, I now have the knowledge and am inspired to find a way to use it in my life. I've decided I want to pursue engineering in college and I'm sure I'll never forget how my robotics team started me on this path.