BattHawk: The BattHawk is designed and manufactured by East Central Indiana Robotics, Team 1720 (PhyXTGears). The BattHawk is a voltmeter which can take the place of a battery flag. The BattHawk measures the battery voltage without discernible drain during a competition time frame. Benefits of this product include the following:

  • Immediate visual check of all batteries not currently being charged or in use
  • Voltage range from 4.5 volts to 30 volts (Accuracy 1%)
  • Low trickle-drainage (16 ma,, one five thousandth the current of a driving robot)
  • Measures state of charge (SOC)
  • Replaces the Battery Flag, meeting the UL safety requirement
  • Instant comparison of available batteries
  • Provides “grab-and-go” of the highest charged battery in the pit or robot cart
  • Mates with FRC battery connector (Anderson Power Products SB-50A 600V)
  • Draws less than 1/1000 of the load test of the Battery Beak*
  • Intended for continuous use while at competitions
  • Comes with a convenient, cinch drawstring storage/transportation pouch
  • Made of durable polypropylene
  • Keyed for correct instant “no mistakes” insertion
  • When used with am-2070a Power Pole Adapter, BattHawk can be used with TETRIX® or FTC™ batteries

*Not a substitute for the Battery Beak which tests the battery under load

This product is especially useful for rows of batteries. When testers are plugged into each battery in the line, the status of all batteries is always visible. This allows for monitoring of the charge of each battery with just a glance.

The BattHawk is angled such that the voltage display is not blocked during insertion.

A BattHawk may be left in a battery for weeks without harming the battery. However, batteries SHOULD NOT BE STORED with the BattHawk inserted as it will eventually discharge the battery fully (about 47 days). Finally, the purchase of the BattHawk helps fund ongoing team efforts.

How to Use: 1) charge battery, 2) unplug from charger, 3) test battery with Battery Beak, 4) plug in BattHawk, and 5) get constant visual status of all batteries!


12.0 and below – seriously?  Put that one on the charger

12.1 – 13.0 – Practice ready – go break your robot

13.1-13.3 – Competition ready – head directly to Einstein


“Our team used the BattHawk to be sure our batteries are “ready to go” as we zoom out of the pits to the next match! It has allowed us to grab a fresh battery when we’re in a hurry from the practice field directly to a match!”  – John

“During the playoffs, we had four charged batteries on our cart ready to go. In the heat of the battle it’s sometimes confusing which batteries are fully charged and which one just came from our robot’s last match. With a BattHawk plugged into every battery, the choice is obvious! Just ‘grab ‘n’ go’!” – Mike

“Just for grins, we inserted several BattHawks into our batteries back at home, and the battery stayed fully charged for over a week…when we stopped our test. We calculated that our standard 18Ah (amp hour) robot batteries would last 1,125 hours with a continuously attached BattHawk. That’s 46+ days! Yep, we love this device!”  – Rob

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