Week 4:Day 21

Not a lot of team members showed up today. But non the less, a lot of work got done. In the mechanical room: Nathan and I worked on parts for the wheels of the launcher. Dakotah and Michel welded parts for the turret and launcher system. Mike and Matthew worked on the transmissions for the …

Week 4: Day 20

A lot happened today at Morrison-Mock. The biggest news is that FIRST team 1720 is now out of the prototyping stage. We have decided to use the baseball pitcher style launching mechanism and the spinning flapper pick up system. Now that we have chosen our to systems, we can begin constructing them. Michael MckeanMechanical Team

Week 4: Day 19

 As we reach our midway point, we’ve come to the end of our testing and are preparing for our final build. Nathan took a portion of the mechanical and programming subteams to the gym to test his mortar-like device. Although we had plenty of trouble, at the end of the day the projectile launcher works …

Week 3: Day 18

Today attendance was low but a lot of progress was made. Mathew Prymek, Dakotah, and I worked on our prototype Launcher. Nathan and Mathew Plamowski worked on their version of the launching prototype. Mike, Anna, Ashley and Jessica all worked on a ball gathering prototype. Maggie worked on programming. Tyler  Mechanical Team

Week 3: Day 17

 Tonight in the programming section we got a new member to start teaching Labveiw, we had both of our new programmers create calculators as practice and they each came up with very different methods for creating them. We also got a re-imaging key for our driver station laptop. In the mechanical section work still continues …