Week 4: Day 19

 As we reach our midway point, we’ve come to the end of our testing and are preparing for our final build. Nathan took a portion of the mechanical and programming subteams to the gym to test his mortar-like device. Although we had plenty of trouble, at the end of the day the projectile launcher works quite well and we were able to launch balls into a basketball goal consistently (>90%). Mike has stated that his team is nearing completion of their shooting mechanism and by tomorrow they should have an idea of whether or not they will use it on our robot.

When the programming team wasn’t working alongside Nathan, we managed to get our classmate running perfectly for this year’s competition (the classmate is our driver station computer, and for this year we had to reimage and update the system). With some help online, we got our camera feed to transfer directly from our robot’s router as opposed to sending the data from our cRIO. By doing this, we are able to use one of our newer cRIO’s and our picture quality is greatly improved. We now have an FPS rate that will greatly increase our drive team’s visibility of the field. Last year in particular the FPS rate caused our team some considerable trouble.

Time is running low, but we’re just getting started!

Andrew Rhine
Programming and electrical subteams

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