Muddobbers Off-Road Extravaganza Big Success

The Muddobbers Motorcycle Club hosted their Off-Road Extravaganza event August 5-6 at the Cumberland Covered Bridge in Matthews, Indiana. Hundreds of riders enjoyed the two challenging 15 mile loop trails, in addition to the 40 mile on-road loop. Young and old riders came from all over the midwest with awards for the oldest rider (71 years) and the longest distance driven (Alabama).

With perfect weather conditions, riders faced challenging trails through corn and bean fields, woods and creeks. To make the trails more interesting, Saturday featured thick dust, and rain early Sunday morning allowed riders to try their skills in muddy conditions.

Motorcycle vendors displayed the latest models along with technical tips for riders. Enduro Engineering featured quality off-road motorcycle parts, e-bikes and motorcycle repair services.

Riders also got to rub shoulders with international enduro superstars Cody Webb and Mackenzie Tricker. Hard Enduro legend Graham Jarvis demonstrated his amazing motorcycle skills with climbing and balancing stunts.

As always, the Muddobbers hosted a high quality, well organized event with many riders returning year after year.

Volunteers with the PhyXTGears robotics team from Matthews assisted the Muddobbers with t-shirt sales and event logistics. Many thanks to Shawn Van Ness, Frank Braswell, Lydia Cain, Dave & Carter Wyatt!

Mac & Frank – New friends

Muddobbers and World Class Rider Graham Jarvis

Hard Enduro Legend Graham Jarvis displays his amazing motorcycle skills

Muddobbers President Doug Spence swaps stories with Graham Jarvis