Improving Infinite Horsepower!

Due to COVID-19 and the restrictions that were caused by it, our 2020 Infinite Recharge game was cancelled. For 2021, FIRST decided to bring back the same game as last year with a few modifications. Since many robots were not able to be used last year, FIRST allowed everyone to reuse our robots made for the events. This means that Infinite Horsepower is back and we are able to improve the design!

Two of our students, Phillip and Isaiah, have been working on an important change to our robot. One of our key features with Infinite Horsepower was the climbing system, which utilized a scissor mechanism to raise a hook and pulley system that lifted the robot into the air. The system was made of metal, which made it very heavy. They have been working on remaking the hook and scissor mechanism with polycarbonate. We recently managed to get a 3D printer that prints carbon fiber, which now allows us to remake the climbing system with a lightweight material that is still very durable.

We are looking forward to getting this new climber up and running for the 2021 Infinite Recharge At Home event! Stay tuned for more!

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