Tonight is an exciting night! We will be loading the trailer and getting any last-minute things ready for our trip to Detroit. This includes making sure we’re all packed and ready and loading our vehicles with all the necessary necessary equipment. We have high hopes for this competition and even if we don’t get very far, we’re so grateful for the opportunity to attend the world championship. Aside from just our robot itself being judged today, we also have a Woodie Flowers Finalist amongst us! One of our lead mentors with many years of experience, Mike Koch, is going to be amongst a group of finalists with the chance to win this award honoring an outstanding and influential mentor. We are all so proud of our mentor not only for being a finalist, but also for being always helpful and such a great spirit! This season has been very hopeful and honoring for PhyXTGears. We wish the best of luck to all teams attending the world championship this year!

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  1. Good luck e erhine

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