At our most recent competition, we performed very well, landing us a spot as 5th alliance captain. With that, we earned a chance to play on until we either lost two matches in a row or until we won. As always, we were striving to take home a blue banner, but of course, that’s not always how things turn out. We instead made it all the way to finals! We were very honored to get that far and our loss was a very humbling experience. We used our timeout to help an opponent in need and they ended up beating us! However, we were very glad for a chance to help. We’re also ecstatic because we have the opportunity to compete at the Indiana state championship. We hope to do well there and are looking forward to the competition!


  1. Good job, Sierra!

  2. Can we see the robot?

  3. Hi, this might be random, but where did you get the html template for this website? Thank you!

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