We’ve got spirit!

Today during practice we managed to uncover the holy grail of all the spirit wear from the past 3 or so years. It was pretty entertaining. We have 2 TVs that have been hollowed out, gutted, and now have a helmet inside so they can stay on your head. The team had also taken off the screen and had a black, transparent piece of fabric glued onto it. We think we will get a cheap astronaut suit and use it as the body and then put the hollowed out TV on top of it so that we can play into the FIRST space theme. Hopefully we won’t end up having to fend off intergalactic alien species and the empire. Anyway, I think that we definitely have enough spirit wear and we may even win the award for it at the competitions. Our mascot is definitely going to be an interesting combination of an astronaut and a television so that should hopefully win us some points with the judges for being creative? If all else fails, at least I can look forward to looking like a hybrid between an early 2000 TV and Neil Armstrong.😊 Speaking of spirits, here’s a joke about spirits and ghosts. Why did the ghost not notice the robot barreling toward him? He couldn’t spirit! I made that one up. It’s pretty good, right? Yeah, sorry I’ll go now. Or should I say blast off. – By Adam, Media Team

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