After spending the beginning of my evening visiting the rooms of a few different subteams, I went through a few pictures I had taken and I contemplated future posts. Everyone was hard at work in this last week before Bag Day. As some may know, after the six weeks of build time is up, all teams have to pack their robot in a large bag for the remainder of the time until competitions. Because of this, many teams, including our own, build a second robot so that they may continue to evaluate and make changes to their designs even after Bag Day.

After a good two hours of hard work, it was break time. This period of time allows the team members to relax and enjoy a snack before they resume their work. We typically have team meetings at the end of each break in which we discuss what everyone did/ hopes to do. Today was slightly different, as we had a visitor from AndyMark. Her name is Ruth Toomey and she is a FIRST alumni as well as having mentored for another FIRST team. She gave the team helpful advice and some words of encouragement such as, “You’ve got more time than you think.”

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