Planning, Strategizing, and Designing. Oh, My!

What do ramps, sensors, scoops, hooks, pulleys, gaps, and flippers have in common? These are all parts of design brainstorms from PhyXTGears team members and mentors that were presented, explained, and discussed in detail at tonight’s planning and strategy meeting at the shop tonight. Our team was excited to share their ideas and hear the ideas of their teammates before discussing which ideas fit best together. It is always a fun and interesting start to our season, and by Thursday, we plan to have our design finalized so we can begin building.


Each idea was accompanied by a model, 3-D drawing, or animation to help fellow teammates visual the concept being presented. Below are just a few of the ideas shared this evening. In just six short weeks, these concepts will not only be a reality, but will be ready for competition! Check back often to follow us on our journey!







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