Satellites and Build Week Four

We have big news! Thanks to one of our programming mentors, we have a deal with NASA and Taylor University to wire a satellite. They will send us the actual satellite, and our job will be to do the electrical wiring and some programming. We are also doing a collaboration with Burris and the Indiana Academy, and they will be helping us with this. Their students and some teachers will help us with this amazing opportunity. We will be starting this in our off season, after this current build season. The satellite will be sent into space, in low orbit. We are really excited about this!

What are we doing with our robot right now? Sam was working on a gear for the drivetrain, part of the timing belt around the motor and transmission. Turning the lathe, he drilled a half inch hole and threads for a screw to go in. Sierra was working on the gear collecting system, widening it for the gear.

How is our rope climber going? Moriah is currently working on the second try of the rope intake. The rope intake (a V shape with the widest parts about 12 inches apart), centers the rope so the knot at the end of the rope lines up with with the forks on the climber. There are conveyor belts on either side of the V, that, with velcro, will be able to catch on to the rope and guide it to the climber. The conveyor belts even have their own motor.

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