Build Week Three and It’s Happenings

What has the media team been up to? We have been desperately working on our assignments. We wrote and heavily edited the Chairman’s Award essay and made a video to go with it, we did the FedEx Challenge, which includes a math problem, and posted the pictures on Instagram. And if everyone would like the pictures on our Instagram page (, that would help us greatly and give us a more likely chance to winning the $5,000 grant! We also have been interviewing people for publicity and have been answering executive questions.

One other thing that entire team has been doing to raise support is selling Clancy’s cards. A company generously donated cards for our team members to sell, each card being worth $20. The proceeds from the cards, redeemable at Clancy’s Car Wash and Village Bowl, once sold, will go entirely to the team. Each team member is responsible for selling cards, and we are very appreciative of the donor who willingly and graciously supported our team.  



What has mechanical been doing for the robot? Well, Moriah has been working on the climbing motor. The climbing motor is to make the robot able to climb the rope, which is important to climb at the end of the competition to get an extra 50 points. The climber is a rotating bar with dull spikes, intended to catch the knot at the end of the rope. Once the rope is caught the rotating bar will wrap the rope up like a spool, lifting the robot.

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