What Have We Been Up To?

Full steam ahead! After our big kick-off event, our team is excited to get started designing a robot that will win at competitions. To start this adventure, our team had an idea presentation on Tuesday the tenth, where all of our team members presented their ideas for the robot’s design. Next, we had a prototyping meeting to determine what we want to prototype on the sixteenth. We have decided to start prototyping our climbing, hopper loading, and ball manipulation mechanisms. We plan to have the final versions of the mechanisms soon so that we can start practicing with the robot. Our chassis is already in the process of being built. We are also busy working on our game strategy while we prototype. Our current thoughts align with focusing on manipulating gears and climbing as our top priorities. We are also working on picking up balls and shooting them into the high boiler in order to score maximum points.

IMG_7278 web

While our mechanical students have been prototyping the robot, our animation team has been working on the FIRST safety animation and teaching newer animation students Blender, which is the animation software our team uses. Using the safety animation competition set forth by FIRST, our student mentor, Robbie, is able to introduce new students to the capabilities of the Blender program using a real-world goal to implement training. Our animation team is also busy perfecting a STEAMpunked version of our team’s logo for use in the team’s submission for the Fed-Ex Innovation Challenge and throughout this season. Stay tuned for our updated look.

IMG_7282 web

Our media team has been working hard completing the Fed-Ex Innovation Challenges and are excited to announce that our team’s answer to the story problem is now posted. Please look at it on our team’s Instagram page! One fourth of our score depends upon the number of likes, so please go to our team’s Instagram page and give it a like! We have already posted a mannequin challenge and an alumni video, so if you haven’t visited and liked those already, please do so now. Soon we will have our STEAMpunked logo up, and our quest will be complete. We need your support, so please look us up on Instagram and like our posts!

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