EV3 LEGO Workshops, How Level 1 Went and How to Sign Up For Level 2

On October 29th, our robotics team, Muncie/Delaware Robotics, hosted a level 1 EV3 LEGO workshop at the Suzanne Gresham center. The event was hosted to encourage children about engineering. The workshop lasted about five hours with a lunch break halfway through. The turnout was a full class, fourteen participants.

Some of our team’s high school students led the workshop, showing the participants the tasks they would have to perform and how to program their robots to do the tasks. There were various sensors that the participants had to put on their robots to preform the tasks required. The participants understood the material well, and were tuned in the entire time.

After the event when their parents picked them up, the participants were happy to explain what their robots did. We asked one of the participants what their favorite thing about the workshop was, and their response was “My favorite part was getting to tell it what to do, and program it.”

This Saturday, the 12th, Muncie/Delaware Robotics will host a level 2 EV3 LEGO workshop at the Suzanne Gresham center from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. The workshop is for fourth through eighth grade students. Entry fees are $35 per child and if they bring a friend it is $30 for the friend. The Suzanne Gresham Center is located at 3620 W. White River Blvd. in Muncie, IN, and you can register by emailing us at phyxtgears@gmail.com.  Please keep in mind that the participants will be photographed and video taped by Muncie/Delaware Robotics and these photographs and video images may be used in team promotions and communications. P.O. box 218 Muncie, IN 47304. Questions can be emailed to phyxtgears@gmail.com.

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