On the eighteenth of June, the PhyXTGears, Muncie Delaware Robotics, attended the CORI Robotics Competition. During the team selection, our team was picked by the eighth seed alliance as their second pick. Our alliance beat the first seed alliance in the elimination rounds in a tie breaker and ended up finishing the game in the semi-final round.

Each year, CORI gives out a Mentor of the Year award to the mentor who best exhibits the qualities of a good mentor. Each team may nominate one mentor for the award. The team must write an essay about the mentor explaining why he or she is the best and turn it in to the judges, who pick their favorite essay to win the award. Our lead mentor won that award this year.



We are very proud of our lead mentor, Mike, who won the award. This is Mike pictured with the award below. We agree that he is the best mentor in FIRST. Here is the link to the essay that won the award. Mentor Essay


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Rita Koch
7 years ago

Thank you all for those beautiful and true words!