Plastic Injection Mold

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The PhyXTGears is currently creating a plastic injection mold so that we can manufacture battery meters to use around the shop. The plastic injection molding machine is a manually operated plastic mold for parts. It creates battery meters that are used to show how much power the battery has left. It is made of steel with large screws called all-threads that have plates attached to them. The plates are moved up and down the all-threads to move a plunger that is attached to the plates that takes plastic beads and pushes them into a metal pipe. The metal pipe transfers the plastic to a heated metal pipe that melts the plastic. The plastic is then injected into the mold where it cools and forms. Handles aid in breaking the seal and removing the finished product. The plastic injection molding machine is being created by our students at our team headquarters. The idea for the creation was inspired by other machines on the internet.

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