Walker Warren District Event 2016

This year, our first district event was the Walker Warren event held at Walker Warren high school in Indy. Our team made it all the way to the alliance selections and was then picked by the first seeded* team.


IMG_3859 web


After alliance selection ended, our alliance made through all of the finals and, in the end, won the tournament. Our team also won the Judge’s Award for the lights on our robot. Our team hopes to do well at our next district event, the Perry Meridian District event.


IMG_4089 web


We hope to be able to help other teams all that we can throughout the competition. Our team qualified for the district championship and our team is working hard to collect the funds.  Go Gears!

IMG_3232 web


*Seeded means that That team was ranked in the top eight teams at an event. These teams then choose other teams that are ranked below them in order to form an alliance.

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