December 22, 2015

       We have some exciting news, our blog will soon be transferring to a WordPress website! We are all so excited for this new change and we can’t wait to show you our fresh new way of delivering the PhyXTGears news. We look forward to showing you our new site in mid-January!

       Today we had a team working on a Sponsorship video to help explain to people interested getting involved with the financial side of our Robotics team. Our Programming team reviewed old codes as well as learned about “Pinging” which is an Echo Request message in Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).

       The Animation team watched some videos on how to set up files in Blender for the upcoming Safety Animation, they were also able to get started on making some props! In the Mechanical room, some students worked on fixing up some wooden chairs in our workshop while other students worked on learning more about the CNC mill and how the speed and rate worked for the feed and practiced milling out a valve lever.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Years From PhyXTGears 1720!!
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