November 24th 2015

       This week our lead mentor has continued teaching a group of students how to operate our CNC mill. They worked on a piece for holding tools. We are getting a good start on the build season ahead.

       A CNC (Computer Numeric Control) mill is a mill controlled by a computer. Our CNC is precise to 1/10,000 of an inch, which allows us to make parts much more exact than anything done by hand. The CNC runs on G-code. One way to machine a part is to create the G-code “conversationally” (manually telling it what to do). The other option is to create a part in CAD (Computer Aided Design). Then we give that part to a specific program that will automatically create the G-code for running the CNC.

CNC lesson

       Some of our former students came back for a team meeting. It was a blast seeing some of our former students again!!

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