October 31, 2015 and November 3, 2015

This past Saturday on October 31, 2015 we hosted an EV3 LEGO Workshop for 4th-8th grade students! The 4th-8th grade students were able to come to our workshop building to learn how to program and construct their own Lego robot. Our team was there to mentor the students on how to build, program, and how to fix their mistakes that they might have come upon. Once they were done with building their Lego robots, they were to program their Lego robots to do predefined tasks that we have given them to do, some of the tasks were to have the robot drive 12 inches, use the light sensor to find the red line then find the black line and turn, another task was to have the robot use the touch sensor then back up and turn.

Today on November 3, 2015 we were able to have Dr. Meenu Goel visit us and give a wonderful presentation about how robots are used in medical facilities. She talked about some of the history behind robotic’s use in medicine, starting with laparoscopy, or MIS, which stands for Minimally Invasive Surgery, all the way up to the Da Vinci System, an advanced set of robots designed to assist doctors in specific surgeries. This system provides doctors with 3-D magnified images of the patient. Thanks Dr. Meenu Goel!

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