October 8, 2015

This evening we’ve worked on some fun projects as well as fixing up our robot “Not Yet.” Mike helped the students make sure they knew what they were doing to fix some small issues with “Not Yet.” Moriah had worked on replacing clips on the fork, and John worked on the intake wheels for the robot.

As for our fun project, some of the students are working on a “Totebot” which is simply just turning a tote into a remote controlled robot of sorts. This evening Hannah was working on making motor mounts and wheel mounts for the “Totebot.” Kaylee, Asher, and Kaylynn worked on “Totebot” as well. An old teammate, Ryan, came back to visit today and helped mentor some of the newer students work on “Totebot.”

Anthony and Shawn worked on getting the new tablets to interact with the laptop. The new tablets will be used to make scouting easier and getting all of our information in one place in a quicker and more efficient way.

Velvet was able to make a schedule for our team for our next upcoming event, CAGE Match. This evening, Rob and Max worked on cleaning up the network and Wi-Fi for the robot and driver’s station.

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