We are so thankful for all the mentors who have helped PhyXTGears over the years. Recently we cornered Gary and asked him a few questions about FIRST and working with our team.


One quote from the clip:

 “FIRST team program helps the students learn a lot of things that they would not learn in school. I’ve helped young people use the electric drills, drill presses, band saws, table saws— these are thing that don’t often get opportunities in the school systems to learn how to use. And they’re scared to death when they walk up to it or when I hand them a drill and say, “Drill this hole.”  But I’ll drill one or two holes and then I’ll say you drill hole 3 and 4. And they’ll do it and in the future I can give them a drill and they can take care of the holes without any problems. Giving them the opportunity to overcome those fears of the equipment has been a real plus mark– it is a growing experience for them.”

Thank you Gary for all you do!

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