Working in the work room AND the Computer room!

Tonight has been rather busy as there has been a lot to do in the computer room, and the work room.

This evening in the work room people have been hard at work. Our most recent robot (Green Go) needed a wheel bracket job and so people are hard at work on those. “We are fixing Green Go” stated my brother Jeremiah. Ryan is pretty much in charge of doing things to Green Go. At the moment along with some other complicated terms here what went on: Ryan is working on putting brackets on the robot and he is working on getting the motors to move so they can change the belt sizes so they can turn the wheels. Along with other things, that’s all I got from the Work Room tonight.

In the computer room, Anna Dodd has been hard at work on the videos for the open house. “The hours have been long. But I believe that the finished product will be well worth it!” Said Anna when asked about her work in progress.  Michael, our student animation mentor, along with other things and according to him an “Awesome Person.” is working with Caleb and Jacob on some fun animation projects.

This Saturday we have a cage match at Brownsburg High it will be all day from 8-4:30, there will be thirteen other teams from across Indianan present. Some of the adults are working on the budgets and seating arrangements for the cars. It doesn’t sound like much but we would be stuck here if it weren’t for them!

So that is the update for this week! If I forgot someone or something I’m sorry but there is only so much awesomeness I can generate in one night, and if I included everyone in every article the whole blog would explode!

Hope you all enjoyed my first blog post,

Jamie B.
1720 blogger

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