Back again, with fun things ahead!

Tonight went really well. We had a short meeting to go over a few plans for future events then just worked on things around the machine shop. Our team is now planing a get together for all our team members, just to hang out, relax and play some Frisbee! The next thing on our agenda is cage match around October, so we have a while to get ready for that still.

*1720 Parents!!!* Please be checking your e-mail for updates, our team can not run with out your help and participation! 🙂

*High School Students* If you are interested in joining our team or just coming to check out the program, NOW IS THE TIME!!! We are currently in our off season, which means it is time to recruit new members and find more sponsors too! If you are in 9th-12th grade and from around Muncie/Delaware County, and at all interested in anything PROGRAMING, ANIMATION, CAD, DESIGN, MACHINE WORK, SHOP SKILLS, PEOPLE SKILLS, PUBLIC RELATIONS, BLOGGING, WRITING, PHOTOGRAPHY, ELECTRICAL, DOCUMENTATION, VIDEO, or WEB DESIGN… COME SEE US :D. If you have any questions at all about robotics or the FIRST Robotics Challenge program, please send an e-mail to

*Others/Businesses* If you are interested in this FIRST robotics program, please contact us. We are doing our best to make efforts to gain more sponsors this year to fund our program but we need your help! Any one can be a sponsor, just send us a your contact info and we will follow up and get things rolling. We would love to have you as a part of our team! There are many benefits to being a sponsor too! Just let us know and we will get you more info. 🙂

Jessica B.

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