Last Day of Regionals

Today was an interesting day for us at the FIRST Robotics Crossroads Regional. We only had three chances to play today in order to make a total of 10 qualification matches. These rounds are so that the other teams can see what you can so and so that each team can have a ranking by the end of the day. By the end of our ten matches we won five and we lost five. So that put us right around the 20th ranking spot. Basically the top eight teams get to pick two others to join them to form an alliance in the finals. Then those eight alliances of 24 teams compete in the elimination rounds of the quarter finals, semi finals and one final match to determine which alliance goes on to nationals. Sadly this year we did not get picked to play any of the elimination rounds. There were a lot of great teams out there this weekend, and we just weren’t ready for it, but we gave it a good try! And we all learned something and had a good time out there as well. So now from here we get a week or so off then we will start meeting one day a week to work on random projects and hopefully do a lot of recruiting and fundraising in that time too! So until next time!
Jessica B.
There will be photos soon to come, but if you are dying to see some of them now, there are a few up on our Facebook page, Team 1720 Phyxtgears.
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