So So Colse!!!

Today is our clean up and pack day! We have been hard at work sweeping, cleaning, and packing for the Crossroads Regional competition. Our robot has been patiently waiting in its bag for the day when it can be unveiled and taken out on the field to compete. We are so so so close!!! The craziness starts at 4:30 AM Thursday. The plan is to clean and pack today, then load up the trailer and pack all of our luggage into cars at Morrison Mock at 4:30 AM Thursday. That we can be pulling out of the parking lot and heading to Rose-Hulman by 5 AM!!! If you want to see a schedule of how things are going to go once we get to regionals click here. Otherwise we will be going from the hotel to the school then back again, and various meals in-between. P.S. our robot now has a name! It was put to a team vote and some of our choices were A.G.R., Bacon, Something Green, T.A.R. (the awesomest robot), and Thing 3. But the winner this year is GreenGo!

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