Things are really starting to come to a close for us. We are getting closer to our competition and there isn’t much left to do as far as working on our robot goes. In the computer lab, I made name tags for the team members who are going to the competition so that the judges will know who is on our team and who to talk to if they have any questions.

In the machine shop we did more testing with our shooter and the lift mechanism. After that Ryan and Jeremiah took the shooter hostage and covered it in paint. Then Madeline was caught at the drive station doing something to our program. The end.

Oh wait! P.S. Some more name suggestions for the robot this year are now BINGO, Walt (After the inventor of the frisbee), and AGR (All Green Robot). We’ll see what sticks! Which one do you think it should be? You can vote in the side bar to the right. If you have any more ideas to add you can leave a comment below. 🙂

Jessica B.

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