Post Build Season Update

Despite the fact that build season has been over for a week, we still have much to do before competition.
With the final bot bagged until competition, we’ve turned our attention to the practice bot. There are several issues that need to be addressed before we can actually practice with it. Tonight, there were two major projects. The shooter was updated, with parts being replaced or reinforced to allow smoother mounting and operating. Before tonight, the practice bot had actually been using bolts as axles, so a couple of students worked hard on making new axles.
In the other room, the programmers refined the autonomous program. Jessica worked on finishing the bumpers for our robot.
– Matthew Shaffer
Game Night ~ Friday night (the 1st) from 5:30 to 8:30 at Morrison mock. Bring your games and $3 for pizza and drinks.
Work day schedule ~ Saturdays 1-5 and Tuesdays from 6-9
Also if you are going with the team to Crossroads Regionals (including parents who are going with us), the $150 per person is due before/by Friday!
Then all team members and mentors need to go to > FRC > Registration > STIMS and follow the instructions for filling out the FRC team application.
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