Down to the Wire

We are to the final count down for this build season. We only have one more week left to finish the robot for this year! So far we have come quite a ways with out prototyping so now we really have to get going on our actual bot! For an extra work day, tonight was pretty quiet. We did manage to get quite a bit done though~

We have the actual tower ready to go now, and the drive base was finished a while ago. We are still working on the shooter part, and we plan to be testing it by tomorrow. For tonight though we have been working on other things.

With all of this going on in the machine shop there wasn’t much being done in the computer lab.

In other news, THE ROBOTICS SCRIMMAGE MATCH IS THIS SUNDAY!!! So spread the word and invite your friends to come and watch a practice robotics match going on live in the old Ball Gym Sunday afternoon!

~Jessica B.

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