Back to Being a Saturday Again

Today we continued to work on our various prototypes. Which include the whole robot, the shooter, and the pick up mechanism. We also worked on the actual robot some more.

With the shooter we are changing our design again. We have gone from two linear wheels, to a band driven by two gears, and now to one wheel in the center of a large disk that will spin the frisbee around and shoot it out of the front. Similar to a clay pigeon shooter.

Because we are getting so close to our deadline there will be two optional work days. They will be this coming Monday, February 11th and Friday, February 15th both sessions will be from 6 to 9. Also, please bring in your mugs!!! Otherwise you will have to use the water fountain!

By Jessica B.

*Update from later in they day by Michael*

Today we changed the design of the shooter from a linear design to a circular one. The most astounding effect this had was that Matthew and I actually did math! It turns out you really do use trig functions in real life! Sine Cosine and Tangent saved the team a lot of headaches and time. 
On the mechanical front, the final robot is starting to come together, with the lift for the competition bot being started.

By Michael M.

Photos from Instagram via Ashley

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