Let the fun Begin!

Today was a relatively quiet night, not to many people came, but there were enough people to work on different things throughout the night.

Tonight we did a lot of work on our prototype bot, it got a new motor that drives the pick up system. We put new drive gears and bands on the drive train. The chassis of the actual bot got a bit of a makeover too. Parts of the wheels had to be lathed somewhat, then the motor mounts had to be milled some too. The shooter is still being added to and worked on. In the machine shop we are also trying to train more people to work the lathe and mill.

As far as things go in the computer lab, the CAD model has been getting an upgrade. Then the programmers were working on programming and wiring for the actual robots control panel. The Andrew’s were also messing with one of our sensors to see how or if it would work for our robot. Anna has been editing videos and then I am doing this blog tonight! 🙂

~Jessica B.

Prototype Bot



Actual Drivetrain

Lift System

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