Update from Mike

Coming together…

In a push test both the Frisbee pickup and lift and dump worked successfully Thursday.
The majority of the electronics are mounted and wired.  We should be driving Saturday.

The shooter still needs work but should be testable Saturday, as well.

Goals for Saturday:
Test the drive train.  Is the speed/torque ratio workable?
Test the pickup while driving.  Does it pickup at any speed.
Complete the prototype shooter.
Test the shooter.  Does it shoot far enough and consistently enough to make a full court shot?
Mount sensors for automatic pickup and storage of Frisbees.
Mount the wheels on the final chassis.
Mount the shooter.
Start mounting electronics for final chassis.
Start building the final tower.

We can make good headway on these goals IF there are enough students!
This will also be our first EXTENDED work day, if there are enough students willing to stay (and work :-).
If you can, plan to stay until 8 or 10… or longer?

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