Full day Saturday

Today is another full work day for us Gears. There is still a lot of work for us to do to get our full prototype up and running. We are getting closer every day though! We didn’t have many team members come until later in the day, none the less, things still got worked on.

Today there was a lot of progress made on the lift system by Jeremiah and Jordan. Then John and Christian worked some on the frisbee launcher. Gary worked for the most part on the pyramid for our mock playing field.

In the computer lab we were getting a little crazy to keep us motivated to work on blogging/photos/videos/programs….

We had the Pirate Ashley on video/picture patrol. The Cheshire Cat’s half sister “Myrtle” aka Madeline working on programming. Then the Mad hatters cousin (Me 🙂 ) working on this blog and thank you letters, with the help of my mini me minion the White Rabbits daughter (the other Jessica.)

~Jessica B.

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