We didn’t have a meeting on Friday, so that we can all have a day off, now since it is Saturday we are going back to work!

Today was a very long yet productive day. We didn’t have very many team members until later in the day but we still got a lot done.

We split up into groups and worked on various tasks. Some worked on the pick up system, others worked on CAD drawings for the bot, and another group started on the prototype chassis. Progress was also made on parts for the shooter, we also spent a lot of time taking apart old robots to use for parts and to create a prototype (aka second bot) to use for practice.

~Jessica B

Matthew working on CAD

Jessica B. and Mini Jessica V. N.

Jeremiah and Jordan


Andrew/Andrew and Minion 1 (aka Madeline)

John, Jeremiah, and Jordan working on how to lift the frisbee

Hannah, and Moriah working on a part for the shooter

Banshee is being scraped 🙁

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