It’s time for the six weeks of build season to begin! Today we find out what our game is going to be for this year and what kind of robot we have to build to play. From here on out we will be meeting pretty much every day for six weeks to get this robot designed, built and programed before our ship deadline. Oh and if you are unfamiliar with FIRST Robotics, we are a team of High Schoolers from all over Muncie/Delaware County and even surrounding counties, who work with a handful of mentors to achieve the task we are given and to strive for excellence.

This years game is called Ultimate Ascent. You can check out the game animation on YouTube. Yes, we have to build a robot that will FRISBEE GOLF!!! Then for added bonus points the robot can climb up a tube pyramid of sorts to win an extra 10, 20, or 30 points! Have I already mentioned that we only have six weeks!?!

After this weekend will be meeting Monday-Thursday 6pm-9pm, Saturday we will be working from 10am-5pm (only lunch will be provided, parents should contact Velvet Miller) and Sunday from 1pm-5pm. Team members are required to put in 8 hours a week this year to be considered an active member of 1720 and to be allowed to travel with the team to the regional competition later this year.

Let the fun begin! Good luck teams from 1720 the PhyXTGears!!!

Jessica B.

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