The Awesome Things We Do

For one thing we made a new years eve ball in 2009 and we use it every year to bring in the new year in down town Muncie. This week we started working on it to make it look really awesome for this coming new year. There are going to be some great new things in store, and we are all hoping it works!

Last year we had a couple issues getting our ball to turn on and light up with all of the radio interference. So this year one of the major things we are changing is our radio receptor. Some of our other tricks involve lasers, fog machines, and really bright flashlights! Now I don’t want to give to much away, so if you want to see our finished product come to the Cannon Commons, in down town Muncie and see it in person! If you can’t make it for some reason, or can’t stay to see it drop there will be plenty of pictures! I can say one thing, if it all works as planed (or even close to what we have planned) it’s going to be totally AWESOME!!!

Jessica Bennett

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