We’re back at it again

First of all if this is your first time visiting our blog/website welcome! We are The PhyXTGears FRC (FIRST Robotics Challenge) Team #1720. We are the only team in the Muncie/Delaware County area, and we have high school students from all over Delaware and surrounding counties. If you are interested in getting more information about FIRST or our robotics program, feel free to e-mail us at phyxtgears@gmail.com. Or visit FIRST directly at www.usfirst.org.

This week our main focus was cleaning in preparation for our upcoming open house. Said open house will be next week (November 13th) from 6:30-8PM. Come out and see us at 3620 West White River Boulevard, Muncie IN 47304! *Note, if you are currently a team member please still come at 6 to make sure everything is perfect!

Other things going on this week include every one cleaning and sweeping. Tommy got the job of sweeping out the table saw. Trent and Matthew S. are still working to try and repair some of our shelves from last week. Dakotah fixed our welding equipment and was teaching people how to weld by the end of the night.

Re-arranging is in order
Caution! Welding in progress!
Madeline the broom master!

Hannah cleaning up after Madeline

Jessica B.
Blog and Media Correspondence Team

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