Rainy Day Robotics

Today is a rainy day here in Muncie but that doesn’t mean we can’t get things done! It’s been sort of a do random things night.

Tyler has been working on parts for a saw. Garry is working with Moriah on making paper towel holders for our renegade paper towels! We can’t have them rolling around our building! Trent is fixing some of our broken tools, and apparently we have a lot of them. Matthew S. is fixing some of our shelves, only it’s the ones that have all of our sheet metal and scraps on them. So that means they have to be cleaned off all the way before it can be fixed in the first place. Michael has been practicing his welding tonight too.

There wasn’t a workshop tonight but that means we have more time to clean and get ready for our open house on November 13th. Anna and Ashley have been working on photos and videos, while I have been working on blogging and press release things.

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