Keep moving forward

Major announcements!!!
1) There will be a 1720 robotics open house on November 13th!
2) Donations are still needed for Cage Match so check your e-mail for the list of what to bring.
3) We will be meeting at 5:30 pm this Friday (the 19th) to pack for Cage, then we will be leaving early Saturday morning.

In other news, the workshop tonight was on the physics of gears. Here are a few of the notes.

-Driver – Gear with power turning it
-Follower – Gear doing something useful
-Idler – Gear turned by driver and turning follower
-Gear Train – Many gears in a row
-Geared Up – Large driver, small follower to speed gear train up
-Geared Down – Small driver, large follower to increase torque
*Note: You can not have both speed and torque you have to choose which one you need more.
Speed = RPM or RPS (Rotations Per Minute/Second or other time unit)
Torque = Inch-oz or Foot-pounds

In the computer lab today The Andrews and Maddy were working on building code for the robot. Anna and I have been working on team media and blog projects. That’s about it for this side of the building.

On the other side in the mechanical room, several things have been happening. Several people helped Gary to get rid of an old vice that we can’t use any more. Robot drive team practice has also been going on tonight, in preparation for Cage Match this weekend. The programmers also worked to put the robot back into tank drive.

Jessica Bennett
Mechanical and Media team

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