It’s time for some changes!

Today a lot of progress was made in the machine shop trying to convert it to a partial playing field. So far most of the equipment has been moved and carpet has been moved in to it’s place. Hannah and Madeline did their part by cleaning and making sure things stayed organized. Ashley was the photographer for tonight. Anna has been working on a sponsorship video, while I have been making sure our Twitter is up to date and the blogs are getting written. Also in the computer room the new set up is complete, with wires that are neatly zip-tied in place.

The workshop for tonight was on the Digital World. Mike talked about different kind of digital buffers (also known as gates) and Micro Controllers.

Also, in other news
1) If any one is planing on going to Cage Match all of your membership forms must be turned in ASAP!!!!
2) We need a volunteer parent to coordinate food and transportation for Cage Match so that we can get there and back and so that we have food for the day.
3) Heads up for planing people, so far we are going to be meeting here at Morison Mock at 5:30am Saturday October 20th to leave for Cage Match all together no later than 6am.

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