Meeting Updates

This wees workshop was on Basic Electricity, if you missed the meting and would like to know more about this topic you can ask any of our mentors at the next meeting.

In the meeting we also talked about the upcoming cage match competition. We need to know at next weeks meeting (By 10-9-12) if you can or can not go. It is highly encouraged that any and all new team members attend and that all of the veteran members come to show the new members how things work.

There were also some other announcements about cage match:

The home page for everything cage is

  1) There is going to be some money available for senior scholarships this year from cage match. One of the ways they raise money for this scholarship is through a silent auction. Here is a link to the scholarship application and a donation form for the auction.

  2) There will be several contest that teams are encouraged to participate in this year.
     *The most blood donated to the Indiana Blood Center
     *The team that donates the most to the Ronald McDonald House
     *There will also be different things happening on Facebook and Twitter as well.
            You can see those here: Twitter Live Feed Facebook (for the Facebook link it will take you to a    
                 log in page first.

  3) There are also flyers that you can print and pass out to your friends and around your school. If you would like the flyers I will send you the pdf file.

Today some changes were made to the computer lab. We moved all of the computers to one side of the room and organized them. It gave us more space to work and made everything look much nicer. Some of the team also spent the evening working to fix Marvin (our robot this year) for cage match. He should be fixed and ready to compete just in time!

In other news we are also converting part of our machine room into a partial playing field. That way we can practice with our robot and fix it all in the same room. Before we would have to take our robot to the gym and pull out carpet there to practice anything. Then when something wouldn’t work we had to take everything back to the other side of the building to fix it, and so on. This conversion is planned to happen next week after the workshop. So from 7:17-8:30 on October 9th we will be moving machines, laying carpet, and setting up the playing field!!!

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