First Meeting of the off Season!!!

This was the first official meeting of our off season. If for some reason you were not able to join us or you are just checking us out for the first time, here is a overview of what we talked about.
~1720 Handbook
~New sign in sheet
     It now includes time in and time out slots to keep a better count of how many hours a student put in during off season and build season.
~Parents are now needing to put in 10 hours of volunteer time now through December to keep the team running and every thing in order.
~The amount of time a team member must commit during build season has been changes from 12 hours a week to 8 hours a week.
~Projects for next week (10-2-12)
1) Read handbook (both students and parents!)
    Students, be sure to study! There will be a test!
2) Fill out team application
3) Have parents fill out hold harmless liability form
~Every Tuesday until December we will be meeting from 6-8:30
     There will also be a workshop scheduled into every meeting from 6:15-7. Today was a workshop on safety.
     Cage Match is coming up! The date is October 20th with a sign up (yes or no commitment by October 9th)
     There will also be a boyscout open house on Tuesday October 2nd!
Projects to be worked on before build season starts
1) Finish fixing Marvin for Cage Match
2) Work on New Years Eve ball
3) Re-wire battery charger
4) Convert space to mini playing field
5) Re-make computer lab
6) Clean up (and keep it clean!)
Jessica Bennett

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