First offical meeting

Tonight was our first official meeting after the debrief last week. Last week we went over the pros and cons of Boilermaker this year. We talked a lot about what we can do next year to improve our team and our robot.

Tonight we had a major clean up day to start the off season right. We probably will be doing more cleaning in the meetings in the future so that come build season we will be ready to build and not worry about missing tools. For the off season so far we have cut back our meeting schedule to one day a week (Tuesdays from 6:30 or so). Eventually if the mentors and the students have the time during the week we may end up having meetings two or even three nights a week.

So far we already have projects to work on over the off season. Mostly cleaning up but bedsides that there is a pneumatics display that is in progress, a NXT segway may be in the works too. During the off season 1720 will hopefully be working on our various outreach and PR projects, ranging from making sure we have buttons for Boilermaker next year to working on putting together items for demonstrations over the Summer. Things are looking good so far! 🙂

Jessica Bennett

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