A Team Needs Team Members

Our team is made up of a group of highschoolers from all around central Indiana. Just for future reference here is a list of every student that is on the team thus far. 

Andrew Rhine, Andrew Shaffer, Anna Dodd, Ashley Martin,
Dakotah Waters, Douglas Cassell,
Hannah Shaffer,
Jeremiah Bennett, Jessica Bennett,
Madeline Van Ness, Maggie Taylor, 
Matthew Plamowski, Matthew Prymek, Matthew Shaffer, Michael Mckean,
Ryan Spangler, Tyler Moore, Zachary Lewis.

We wouldn’t be a functioning team without our amazing mentors and awesome parents!
Our mentors are: 
Brian Zabel, Cheryl LeBlanc, Christine Rhine, David Cassell,

Gary Rice, Jackson Eflin, Jeremy Lewis, Mike Koch,
Nathan LeBlanc, Shawn Van Ness, Tim Moore.
Many thanks to the parents, siblings, and friends who are there for 1720!

Jessica Bennett

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