Build Season: Day 4

Tonight, there were multiple teams working on several prototype designs, among other things.  We’re still in the stages of figuring out what we can and can’t achieve, which is where prototyping comes in.

The documentation team interviewed as many team members as they could.  These interviews should find their way onto the team’s YouTube channel soon.

There are several different types of launchers being prototyped at this moment in time.  Some are geared towards getting goals from across the court, but we don’t know if we can launch the balls accurately enough.  Others are designed to get easy shots up close, for a certain goal almost every time.  Another team is working on turning one of our old robots into a prototype.

The programming team worked on loading all the necessary software onto their computers.  They also hooked up the Kinect and a few other pieces of hardware.

Matthew Shaffer
Mechanical/CAD Team

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