Our Subteams

Subteams play a crucial role within our Robotics Team, serving as specialized units that bring unique expertise to the overall collective effort. From mechanical design to programing, each subteam contributes essential skills, fostering success of our main team.


Our Programming Team is like the backbone of our Robotics crew. They’re the ones handling the digital side, writing codes that make our robots function smoothly. Instead of just making them move, they make sure our robots do what we want them to, tackling challenges and solving problems.

These folks are the brains behind the scenes, turning our ideas into practical code. They deal with the nitty-gritty of algorithms, software, and making sure everything works seamlessly. It’s not about fancy moves; it’s about making sure our robots perform their tasks accurately and efficiently.

Working hand-in-hand with other teams, our Programming Team is all about collaboration. They connect the dots between the technical coding world and the hands-on work of our mechanical crew. It’s a teamwork dance that ensures our robots function like a well-oiled machine.

And yes, they handle lines of code, but it’s more about practical problem-solving. When our robots encounter challenges, these folks dive in to find solutions, keeping everything running smoothly. Their dedication and tech know-how keep our team on the cutting edge of robotics.

In the big story of our Robotics Team, the Programming Team plays a crucial role – they’re the practical minds ensuring our robots do their job effectively. As we move into the future of robotics, you can count on these folks to keep us moving forward.

Our Engineering Team serves as the foundation of our Robotics crew, taking care of the hands-on, nuts-and-bolts side of things. They’re the ones turning design concepts into tangible robot structures, ensuring our creations are not just ideas on paper but functional machines in reality.

These folks are the practical minds working with materials, tools, and mechanical components. Instead of focusing on flashy features, they prioritize building robust structures that withstand the demands of our robotic missions.

Collaborating closely with other teams, our Engineering Team is all about practical teamwork. They bring the physical aspects of our robots to life, working alongside the Programming Team to create a seamless integration of hardware and software.

Sure, they deal with measurements, materials, and assembly, but it’s more than just putting parts together. It’s about problem-solving on the spot, making adjustments, and ensuring our robots are reliable in the field.

In the grand narrative of our Robotics Team, the Engineering Team is the practical force that transforms ideas into tangible results. As we march into the future of robotics, these folks will continue to be the backbone, ensuring our robots are not just functional but robust and reliable.

Our Woodworking Team extends their craftsmanship beyond robot components – they’re the architects behind our testing site. With precision and practicality, they construct the structures and platforms where we put our robots through their paces.

Using their woodworking skills, they design and build structures that simulate real-world scenarios, allowing us to test the capabilities of our robots in a controlled environment. From ramps to obstacles, every element is carefully crafted to challenge and refine our creations.

Collaborating closely with the rest of the team, especially the Engineering Team, our Woodworking artisans ensure the testing site aligns seamlessly with the technical requirements of our robots. It’s a collaborative effort that blends the hands-on construction of wood with the intricate engineering of our robotic systems.

Their work goes beyond aesthetics; it’s about creating a practical space where our robots can be put to the test, pushing the boundaries of their functionality. In the ongoing narrative of our Robotics Team, the Woodworking Team plays a pivotal role in shaping not just the robots but also the environment where they prove their mettle.

Our Marketing and Media Team is the storyteller of our Robotics journey. They’re the creative minds behind showcasing our team’s accomplishments, innovations, and the human side of our robotics endeavors.

These individuals work on crafting narratives, capturing moments, and creating compelling content that brings our robotics projects to life. From social media updates to engaging videos, they bridge the gap between our team’s technical work and the wider audience.

Collaborating closely with all subteams, especially the Programming and Engineering Teams, our Marketing and Media Team ensures that the world sees not only the technical brilliance of our robots but also the passion and dedication of the individuals behind the scenes.

Their work isn’t just about promotion; it’s about sharing our story with authenticity. They highlight the challenges, the breakthroughs, and the moments of teamwork that define our Robotics Team. Their efforts contribute to building a community around our projects and inspire the next generation of robotic enthusiasts.

In the unfolding narrative of our Robotics Team, the Marketing and Media Team plays a crucial role in amplifying our voice, making sure the world sees the incredible work happening within our team. As we navigate the future of robotics, these storytellers will continue to bring our journey to the forefront, connecting our team with a global audience.

Our Electrical Team is the silent powerhouse within our Robotics crew, specializing in the electrical systems that breathe life into our robots. They’re the wizards behind the scenes, handling wiring, circuits, and power distribution to ensure our creations function seamlessly.

These skilled individuals work on designing and implementing the electrical components that power our robots. From connecting sensors to configuring control systems, their expertise is essential for the overall functionality and performance of our robotic creations.

Collaborating closely with other teams, especially the Programming and Engineering Teams, our Electrical Team ensures that the electrical systems integrate seamlessly with the mechanical and software aspects of our robots. It’s a meticulous collaboration that ensures all components work in harmony.

Their work involves more than just dealing with wires and circuits; it’s about problem-solving, troubleshooting, and ensuring the reliability of the electrical systems in dynamic robotics environments. They play a critical role in powering the intelligence and movement of our robots.

In the ongoing narrative of our Robotics Team, the Electrical Team forms the technical backbone, translating power into functionality. As we progress into the future of robotics, these electrical wizards will continue to be at the core of our team’s innovation and success.