We will try to make this as simple as possible, but there are many requirements to become a member of the PhyXTGears Team.

1) Read the Handbook.

This is an important step for students and parents:


As you will see in the Handbook, parents are required to help the team.  Another team made this list of ways that parents could help, if they are non-STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) types of individuals.  Many of these are helpful to our team as well. This list will get your creative juices flowing:


Please write Connie Chikildin, our parent organization leader on our internal communications server, at:  https://phyxtgears1720.slack.com/messages/@connie.chikildin/ with any questions.

2) Fill out the online application to join our team.

Found at www.tinyurl.com/1720App.  Make sure you have your parent nearby so that he/she can fill out their portion at the same time.
Alternately, you may print pages 23-27 from the Handbook listed above, for each student in your family.

The student needs to fill out his/her portion.  There are places for the student and the parent to sign.  Also, one of the pages needs notarized, thus you must plan to have this completed before the November 15th deadline.

3) Register with STIMS.  

All students need to register with FIRST every year. All parents/guardians must register also to give their consent for their child’s participation.  This is for the program and competition that Muncie/ Delaware Robotics participates in as “FIRST Robotics” Team 1720, The PhyXTGears.  The process starts on http://www.firstinspires.org website:

    • Parents: Click the “Sign Up” button in the top right corner if you are a new user / Click the “Log In” button in the top right corner if you are a returning user. If this is your 2+ year on the team, you should be a returning user.
    • If you click Sign Up, you will then be asked to enter your
        • Email
        • First name
        • Last name
        • Date of birth
        • Password
        • Confirm Password
      • Check the “Agreements” box
    • You will then be sent an email to confirm your account
    • Open your email
    • Open the email saying “Thank you for joining the FIRST Community – New User Account Created
    • Click the blue highlighted word “here”
    • Next you will click the “Log In” button in the top right corner
    • Enter the email and password you just used to create an account
    • Re-enter your birthdate then click “Update” then “return to profile”
    • Open a new tab to firstinspires.org
    • Click “log in”, this should then change your top right corner options to be “My Dashboard” and “Logout”
    • Click “My Dashboard”
    • Fill out the required information and check the boxes. Click next
    • Click “Complete Youth Member Registration”
    • Click “Add Youth”
    • Enter his/her birthdate
    • Click “Continue”
    • Enter your youth’s required information.  Make sure to click “Save Account Information”.
    • Click “Edit/View” under “School”
    • You will then be asked questions about your youth’s school information
    • Click “Save”
    • Click “Apply to FRC Team” under FRC
    • Type in the team number 1720
    • Click “apply to team”
    • Click “ok”
    • Click “Edit/View” under Consent Form Status
    • Read and click “Sign Form”
    • Click “Okay”
  • You’re done! Thank you! Remember the email and password for next year!

4) Fill-out an Exploring/Learning for Life form.

These are paper forms that are available at our facility at our Madjax Maker Force robotics location.  Simply inquire with a mentor in the Media Suite, to locate the documents. Every student and mentor must fill out one of these forms, if he/she doesn’t have one on file with us.  This is for our insurance which is issued through Boy Scouts of America.

5) Hand-in Your Things.

I will need the forms from #2 and #4.  Also your $150 membership fee is due November 15th.  

6) Every member needs to have a “handled mug.”

The handled mug is for the available water fountain for use during work-sessions..  You are responsible for washing and hanging up your mug in the hallway between the Kitchenette and Mechanical Room.

I am available to answer your questions and concerns.  Try to get these things accomplished soon so that if you do have issues, then we have a chance of resolving them before the deadline.

Julia Schlenker

Treasurer and “Paperwork Czar”