FIRST Information
  • What does FIRST stand for?  Answer:
    For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
  • For everything FIRST, both national and international, go to
If you know what program you are interested in, you can follow these more direct links, with info about FIRST Robotics’ Divisions:
  • Jr.FLL:  Jr. FIRST Lego League
    If you know any student in K-3rd grade (ages 6-9 years old) who is interested in building Lego robots check out Jr.FLL.
  • FLL:  FIRST Lego League
    Any students in 4th-8th grade (ages 9-14 years old) can check out FLL.
  • FRC:  FIRST Robotics Challenge
    Then once anyone is in 9th-12th grade (ages 14-18 years old) they can join Team 1720 (that’s us, the PhyXTGears) which is an FRC team. For more info about teams see FRC.
  • Team & Calendar Searching
    If you are not from East Central Indiana, or would like to search for teams in any of the three categories above, you can use the search functions on this page: Search Page,
Other FIRST Information
  • For important calendar dates for FRC teams click HERE, then click EVENTS.
  • For statewide Indiana events, specifically for Indiana FIRST updates, you can check out
  • Indiana FIRST also helps out with the renowned Indiana Robotics Invitational (IRI Competition), see link.
  • We also participate in Cage Match every year in the fall. There is a ton of information on their page.
  • For a lot of our team’s history you can look over our Old Page.
For the Students
These are important links for the students. Make sure you read the game and safety manuals if you are a student or mentor.